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What #Action4theLand will your local councillor take?

FromLandcare Australia:

With over 5,300 registered Landcare groups across the nation, even the smallest of actions from a single Landcare group can add together – across the Landcare movement – to make a large difference.

As part of our World Environment Day 2016 activities, Landcare Australia will be running a fundraising and environmental awareness initiative, where we ask every individual, business, government agency, politician and media outlet we engage with across the nation “What positive #Action4theLand will you take?”

It is our hope that the #Action4theLand campaign can create a groundswell of awareness, and accompanying activity – where every dollar collected through our fundraising efforts will make a difference, by supporting Landcare groups and projects across Australia.

We’re reaching out across our network to encourage each and every one of you to start a positive #Action4theLand conversation. Over the next few months, get out there and ask your friends, family, colleagues, and local representatives, “What #Action4theLand will you take?”

In particular, we encourage you to reach out to your local councillors, and state and federal elected representatives to invite them to join your Landcare group for a day to see the positive #Action4theLand you have taken in your local community.

Invasive Weed Survey: Gorse (Ulex europaeus)

We are looking for landholders and community members in South East NSW who are affected by the invasive weed gorse (Ulex europaeus).

If you have a gorse infestation growing in or near waterways and/or in your paddocks or pasture on your property or one that you manage or work on, we’d love to hear from you.

This project aims to identify influential behaviours to improve the management of gorse in South-East NSW. The information we collect will be used to design improved intervention strategies, which in turn will enhance the effectiveness of gorse control programs. The work is being undertaken in partnership between UNE, Palerang Council and NSW Department of Primary Industries.

The survey will take less than 25 minutes to complete and information from this survey will be integrated with data from a gorse expert survey to develop a shortlist of “high impact” behaviours that will be targeted in a future behaviour change intervention.
Responses are greatly appreciated and will remain confidential – no individual person or council will be identified in the survey report.

Follow this link to the Survey:

The survey closes on Friday 19th February 2016.

Responses are greatly appreciated and will remain confidential – no individual person or council will be identified in the survey report.
This project has been approved by the Human Research Ethics Committee of the University of New England (Approval No HE15-259 Valid to 01/10/2016).
Please contact me on the details below if you would like or know anybody who would like to participate.

Sky Kidd
School of Behavioural, Cognitive and Social Sciences
University of New England
0402 046 376