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Rail Trail

Bungendore to Captain’s Flat Rail Trail

Your support is needed to get this great initiative off the ground.

What is a rail trail?

Rail trails are shared- use paths recycled from abandoned railway corridors.

Usually managed by local councils for the enjoyment of the general public (like our greenways), rail trails can be used for a range of purposes including walking and cycling.

Following the old rail line running across the plains of Lake George and climbing the picturesque Molonglo Valley is the route of the proposed Bungendore to Captains Flat Rail Trail.

In order to understand if a rail trail is feasible this study would identify the range of issues that need to be considered. Who would use the trail? Who owns and manages the land the trail runs through and how can their needs be addressed?

What are the local economic impacts of the trail? How will the trail be maintained and funded? How will the trail be built? There are many questions that must be canvassed in an open and transparent way so that any decisions made for or against such a development are well aired and understood.

What can you do?

Please indicate your support for a Feasibility Study by downloading and submitting the attached letter to the Bungendore to Captains Flat Rail Trail Group. We are not asking you for financial support.

Please also sign the online petition in support of the Rail Trail at change.org.