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“NSW farmers stepping up tree felling even before land-clearing laws loosened”

The Sydney Morning Herald, 12 June, reports on the the likely terrible impacts of the NSW Government’s proposed biodiversity legislation; the article is here.

The NSW Nature ConservationCouncil, of which FuturePLANS is a member, has initiated an advocacy campaign to protect native vegetation in NSW. This is the  Stand Up For Nature campaign.    You are invited to visit the campaign website to familiarise yourself with the issues and to consider engaging in advocacy to protect biodiversity in our region. Remember, submissions close on 28 June.

The SMH wrote: “The state’s farmers have lopped paddock trees at an accelerating rate in the past 18 months even before a new land-clearing law eases controls further, government data shows.

“The new figures, which reveal the rate of clearing of paddock trees has more than doubled since November 2014, come as the Wentworth Group of Concerned Scientists wrote to all MPs to call for a reversal of “retrograde changes” planned in the new Biodiversity Conservation act.

“NSW farmers used a new self-assessment code to remove 21,716 paddock trees – or more than 50 a day – over the past year and a half.

“The rate, at an average of about 50 per day, was 140 per cent more than the average over the previous seven years, data from the Office of Environment and Heritage showed. Paddock trees, judged to be single or small patches of trees, make up 40 per cent of remaining woodland cover, OEH says.”

See the full article for more details.

Registration of Interest: Farm Skills Courses

The Small Farms Network Capital Region is seeking expressions of interest from people who would be interested in attending a one day PROfarm course on any of these topics in the Capital region in 2016. The courses would be offered free of charge but we need to have at least 10 people willing to attend a course before we can apply for funding.

Register your interest this week by emailing Jennie Curtis to nominate which of the following courses you are interested in:

The newly formed Small Farms Network Capital Region is a grassroots information service for people who own or manage small to medium sized rural properties around our local area. The network aims to share local knowledge as well as tapping into professional advice about all things farming through field days, paddock walks and other  events.

Two field days coming from the Small Farms Network in 2016 are Grazing with fodder shrubs (17 April in Bywong) and Healthy Land, Healthy Horses (date and location to be advised).

Please get in touch with Jennie CurtisSmall Farms Network – Capital Region