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Guardian campaign: ‘Keep it in the Ground!’ Fantastic news!

On 21 May The Guardian wrote:

Here’s some great news to brighten your weekend.

The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation has sold off its entire $187m investment in BP. There’s no word from them on why, but it certainly looks like the foundation is quietly getting out of fossil fuel companies. Since 2014, it has dropped 85% of such investments it had held.

Bill Gates says he’s not keen on the divestment argument but we know that the pressure you’ve put on the foundation through Keep it in the Ground – as well as the folks at Gates Divest in Seattle and the wider divestment movement – has been having an impact behind the scenes.

You can read our story on it here.

There was also good news from around Europe this week. Portugal ran for four days straight on renewable energy alone and last Sunday, Germany powered almost all its electricity needs from clean sources. There was so much renewable energy on the grid that at several times in the day, power prices turned negative – effectively paying consumers to use it.

Change is happening.

Yours Sincerely

James Randerson – assistant national news editor

NSW Community Energy Grants

Growing Community Energy Grants

We have received some application forms for the latest round of Community Renewable Energy grants from the NSW Government. They are due by the 15th December 2014.

Following on from our previous CORE project, which compared a wide range of possible projects, it would be great if we could pull together a group of people to look at putting up a more specific project this time.

If you are interested in being involved in this please let us know at enquiries@futureplans.org.au.

Click on the links to download the Application Form and the Guidelines directly from our website.

The Human Cost of Power

Much is said about rising household power bills, but what about the human costs of power?

This was the theme of a film screening and discussion hosted by FuturePLANS in Bungendore during August 2014.

An enthusiastic group of people concerned about the impacts of climate change on health, now and into the future, viewed the short film ‘The Human Cost of Power’ that has been produced by the Climate and Health Alliance and the Public Health Association of Australia. The film builds on the Alliance’s observation that ‘We’re not yet ready for climate change but it’s here now, and it’s harming our health’.

The film explores the health and climate impacts associated with the massive expansion of coal and unconventional gas in Australia.

You can view it on Youtube or by clicking on the image below:

Human Cost of Power

After the screening of the film we had a discussion facilitated by Dr Peter Tait from the Climate and Health Alliance. We discussed why we need a healthy, well-functioning ecosystem to support human society to support healthy people.

The film highlights the Climate and Health Alliance’s call for action at diverse levels: ‘The warming of our planet means we need to act at a global level, a national level, at state and community level and as individuals. We must do all we can to cut emissions and urge others to do so if we are to avoid putting health at greater risk.

The reality is, cutting emissions will bring many immediate benefits for public health, as well as help limit climate change in the longer term. We can afford to do it but we cannot afford to wait.’