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LLS’ ‘South East Circular’, April 2016 issue

The April 2016 issue of the South East Local Land Service’s newsletter South East Circular has now been published. The topics covered are:

Improving worm control in sheep
Local disease watch
Autumn feeding guide
New wasps in the Bega Valley
Recognition for District Vet
Thinking of purchasing a property in the bush?
Grazing management courses start soon
Do you know the size of your paddocks?
From the garden to the plate
Landcare Australia field visit
Innovative partership tackles marine pest
Partnership protects endangered perch
LLS Seasonal Conditions Report
Feral Fighters 2016
Weather and Climate Risk Management
Local Annual Report 2015
The benefits of electronic identification in cattle
Narooma littoral rainforest field day
South Coast Industry Dinner 2016

Bungendore Farmers Market: Boots for Change

The Southern Harvest Farmers Market in Bungendore will be held every single Saturday throughout April and May! If it works well for the producers and the customers, we will continue!

If you have any shabby old boots lying around at home, bring them in for use at the Boots For Change market day. We’re hosting this very special day on Saturday April 9th, we ask that every WEARS BOOTS on the day, any kind. There will be boot throwing with prizes, planting in boots and other activities.

Newsflash: Weekly Bungendore Farmers’ Market in April and May

Bungendore Farmers Market is trialling going weekly through April and May 2016!

Come along, our local market gardens are bursting with produce and we would love to get more local food on more local plates.

Join us every Saturday in April and May 2016 from 9AM to 1PM at the Bungendore Memorial Hall.

The market dates for March 2016 are: 12 March 2016 and 26 March 2016.

Local Sustainable Garden Design – Visit Roogulli Open Garden

Roogulli boasts a large kitchen garden including a poly tunnel fitted out with wicking beds for all year round vegetable production as well as conventional vegetable beds, berries and espalier heritage apples. The Silkie hens and roosters next door provide a composting and pest clean up service. The food forest, which had only just been planted when the garden was last open, now boasts established fruit trees, swales diverting water from the driveway, chop and drop mulch, ducks and the ‘Bath House’. The rock garden around the house is planted with native grassland plants.

The garden has been built using materials salvaged from the site, second hand materials collected from around Canberra and recycled products.

Roogulli is used to graze alpacas, llamas and miniature sheep. Brooks Creek runs along one boundary and the owners have done extensive clearing of weeds and replanting of native vegetation along its banks in a project with neighbours and Wamboin Gearys Gap Landcare.

Entry: Members of Open Gardens Canberra free, Non-members $8, Children under 18 free if accompanied by an adult.

More information at


Bungendore Community Garden Membership

community garden brochure titleAre you interested in gardening? Would you like to learn more about permaculture, worm farming and food forests?
To find out more about what we are doing and meet other members of the community with interests in local food production and sustainability, download the Bungendore Community Garden brochure and come to our next meeting at the Bungendore Community Garden!

Everyone is welcome. Hope to see you soon.

‘Genius community grants – it’s the process that counts’

Les Robinson’s approach to enabling social change, ‘Changeology’,  including his book by that name, and his Changeology blog, are  fantastic resources for members and friends of FuturePLANS.

His 15 February blog post is titled Genius community grants – it’s the process that counts.

He explains that ‘Most councils and government agencies have community grants programs.
‘And most of those programs kill innovation.
‘Why? Because the typical applicant is so desperate to be funded they try to second guess what the agency is looking for by packing the grant application full of buzz words extracted from the agency’s documentation, and what got funded last year, rather than gamely having a go with imaginative ideas. There is simply no incentive for innovation in the conventional grant process, and plenty of fear of being knocked back for being too radical.
‘And because the application form is usually completed 5 minutes to midnight before the close-off date by a tired group president or secretary, there is simply no way that much deep or original thought goes into most project plans.’

He then discusses how our South East Local Land Services (SELLS) ‘is being innovative, having fun, creating love, and transforming community Landcare projects, by innovating the conventional Landcare grant process’.

His description of how well the SELLS is operating is here.

Well worth a read.  And emulating and building upon it.

Celebrate the first year of our Bungendore Farmer’s Market

THIS SATURDAY, the 13th of February 2016, it’s the FIRST BIRTHDAY of our Farmers Market.

It has been seriously fabulous to bring farmers, preservers and eaters all together in one place. The conversations and connections that have been built at the markets have been beneficial to all involved, and we look forward to spending many more moments with you. After the market, we will be lighting the BBQ and sharing some food and stories, we welcome you to bring a plate and join us to celebrate our local food system. If you play an instrument, feel free to bring it along to play a few tunes.

The diversity, honesty and care of our producers is refreshing and demonstrates that a Fair Food future is possible. Isn’t it fabulous to know that we are all playing a part in making it a reality.

This weekend at the market, you will find fresh cheese, seafood and honey as well as wine, native spices, herbs, jams and preserves plus:

Brightside Produce will have pasture raised eggs and maybe some of their seasonal vegetables.Caroola Farm will have Fresh lamb, plus whole and chicken portions (breasts, wings, drumsticks, frames, liver) and beef mince in the freezer.  Also salad greens, zucchini, tomatoes, beans, silverbeet and fresh herbs.

Mamma Rita’s Farm will have freshly picked new season apples (incl. Royal Gala), freshly picked peaches, beans, beetroot, corn, zucchini, cucumber, silverbeet, fresh and dried herbs, apple juice, jams and preserves.

PenDon Farm will have sweet corn, eggplant, beans, shallots, squash, zucchinis, plums, apples, rocket, basil, potatoes, ceylon spinach, zucchini flowers, eggs, bay leaves, flowers and surprises plus plenty of gardening advice.

The Markets Tea House will be serving up eats and drinks made from local ingredients –  build-your-own wraps from local ingredients, salads, quiches, real coffee, tea and cold drinks plus cakes and other treats.

The Community Stall will have the NEW PIP magazine (all about Fair Food), tree-ripened plums from Black Foo Farm, garlic plaits from Millpost Farm and maybe some other produce.

The Home Produce Swap is on at 10am thanks to Totally Locally Bungendore – bring some home grown goodness to swap with others.

Bungendore Farmers Market Saturday 23 January 2016

This weekend at the Southern Harvest Farmers Market at Bungendore, you will find a large range of seasonal fruit and vegetables, including zucchini, shallots, salad mix, rhubarb, celery, beans, silverbeet, kale and radishes, sweet cabbage salad, eggplants and beans as well as peaches and plums!

Also on offer are locally produced fresh cheeses, milk, ice-cream, seafood and honey as well as wine, herbs, jams, preserves, bread and much more.

The Markets Tea House will be serving up eats and drinks made from local ingredients – egg and bacon rolls, pork and bean pockets, real coffee, ice tea, plum fizz plus cakes and Scrumpers Garden bread,

The Home Produce Swap is on at 10am thanks to Totally Locally Bungendore – bring some home grown goodness to swap with others.

The market is on this Saturday, 23 January 2016, from 9AM to 1PM at the Bungendore Memorial Hall.

Check our events calendar for more details!

Canberra Region Planting Calendar – Autumn

Autumn is a great time to plant vegetables that you can eat throughout winter, however you need to get in there quickly before the frost season starts. By April you are generally better off planting out seedlings, with a few exceptions such as garlic, onions, broad beans and peas.

Here are some suggestions of what can be planted in early to mid-autumn:

  • Asian Greens for quick results.
  • A range of brassicas do well in autumn but will need quite a long time to mature, including: Brussel Sprouts, Broccoli and Cauliflower, Kale and Chinese and European Cabbages.
  • Broad Beans and Peas are not only great to eat but are also good for your soil.
  • Garlic, Leeks and Onions do very well in our climate.
  • Corn salad, Spinach, Endives and Lettuce will give good results and provide great leafy green ingredients for a lovely winter salad.
  • You can still plant Silverbeet, but early frosts may slow down growth.
  • You could try Carrots, too, but success varies very much depending on how early and how long the first frost periods are.

And if you have a bumper crop, why not swap some for something you didn’t grow at one of our food swaps at the Southern Harvest Farmers Market?

Or come along to the Bungendore Community Garden and meet other keen gardeners and find out more! We meet regularly at the gardens on the first and third Monday of each month from 10am to 12noon for garden maintenance and a chat. BYO chair and coffee.