About us

Connecting ideas, resources and people for sustainability

We foster and support sustainability initiatives in our local community and help turn projects into reality.

To date this has included projects relating to: local renewable power production, food supply, public transport, waste reuse and recycling, the growth of local green products and services, the retention and creation of biodiversity and carbon sequestration corridors.

Our Origin

FuturePLANS is a not for profit community group located in the local government area of Palerang, NSW to the south-east of the ACT.

FuturePLANS (Palerang Local Action Network for Sustainability Inc) originated as one of twelve local community projects under the Sustaining Our Towns initiative in the south-east region of NSW, a project that spanned from 2009 – 2012.

PLANS became incorporated in November 2011.

In November 2012 FuturePLANS held an IdeasFest at which a Community Owned Renewable Energy interest group was formed. Consequently, FuturePLANS was successful in applying and receiving funding from the NSW Office of Environment and Heritage in early 2013 for the following purposes:

  • to develop a pre-feasibility study to help investigate the opportunities for community owned renewable energy projects within Palerang LGA, and
  • to galvanise local interest and support for the project in the community.

FuturePLANS Funding

FuturePLANS is funded from entrance fees and annual subscriptions of members, donations and, subject to any resolution passed by the association in general meeting, such other sources as the committee determines.

The Public Fund

PLANS’ Public Fund has been established for the specific purpose of supporting the environmental objectives of PLANS which are to protect and enhance the natural environment through increasing the environmental sustainable development capacity of Palerang communities by providing advocacy and secretariat support for local initiatives, and by improving access to available funding and training opportunities.

Examples of suitable initiatives include, but are not limited to:

  • the establishment of innovations in local power production,
  • food supply,
  • public transport,
  • waste reuse and recycling,
  • the growth of local green products and services,
  • the retention/creation of biodiversity/carbon sequestration corridors and
  • the provision of environmental sustainability-focused education, training and technology transfer.

Donations of $2.00 or more to PLANS’ Public Fund are tax deductible.
Members of the community, businesses and individuals are encouraged to make such donations.

The Fund has only recently been created. When it has sufficient funds, it will commence providing grants to support projects that will contribute to the attainment of its objectives.

PLANS Governance

FuturePLANS is a community based non-profit organisation.

Under PLANS’ Constitution the Committee controls and manages the affairs of the association.

The elected members of the Committee are:

  • Public Officer: Mel HIllery
  • Secretary: David McDonald
  • Treasurer: Mel Hillery
  • Executive Members: Tony Hill

Ordinary members:

  • Alex James
  • Jennie Curtis
  • Barbara Gatzen
  • Tony Hill
  • Tracy Bourne

Website: Barbara Gatzen