Low cost erosion control workshop 25 March

Do you want to get hands-on experience in building a variety of erosion control and sediment retention structures that are suited to common issues faced in this area? Well this short course is for you…

WHEN: Saturday 25 March 2017, 9:00am—3pm

WHERE: Millpost Farm, 312 Millpost Lane, Bungendore.

WHO: Presented and demonstrated by Cam Wilson

COST: $21.89 pp (including booking fee)

by Bungendore Community Landcare Group and Upper Shoalhaven Landcare Council

Register: https://www.eventbrite.com.au/e/low-cost-erosion-control-workshop-tickets-31822105775

Grid connected rooftop solar and the end of the solar bonus feed-in tariff – where to get advice

In this article you will find an explanation of who the end of the feed in tariff in NSW will affect, what you need to do if it affects you, what you need from a smart meter and how to shop around for a good energy retailer, and whether it is time to start thinking about investing in grid-connected battery technology (including some bulk buy schemes which have started in NSW).

Article prepared in October 2016 by Dr Melinda Hillery, Public Officer, FuturePLANS.